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We hope that you enjoy using Santa’s Bag for iOS.


Recently, there have been instances of Apple’s operating system (iOS) causing difficulties with app installations as well as app updates. If you are having a problem with Santa’s Bag opening, do not delete the app. Deleting the app will remove your database, which is stored on your local device. Try to restart the app (without deleting). Try to restart your device if that does not work. Make sure that you have the latest iOS update installed. The latest iOS version is 13.2.3 (or 12.4.3, if that is the most recent iOS supported by your device). Make sure that you have the latest version of Santa’s Bag installed (2.3.2). Finally, contact us if these steps do not work.

The following link from Apple explains this in further detail. We recommend skipping step 4; contact us before you try to offload the app, because Apple’s offloading has been known to result in data loss in some situations: Apple Support Document: If an app unexpectedly quits, stops responding, or won’t open

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If you have a technical issue, make sure to enter your Device model, your iOS Version, and your Santa's Bag version. iOS version can be found in the Settings App / General / About / Software Version. Santa's Bag version can be found in the Settings App / Santa's Bag / App Version.